Let's talk about stress!

No life without stress

Stress is essential to life. It’s the driving force of evolution and adaptation. It helps us to overcome obstacles, cope, and surpass ourselves in order to get through challenging situations. This physiological process is primarily biological with physical, emotional, cognitive, and psychological effects. While stress is useful, it can be dangerous when it is prolonged.

The good stress

This is the stress zone that allows us to cope with new, difficult or unexpected situations while staying healthy. In this zone, our body is boosted; it thinks faster, moves better, and adapts more quickly. The whole point is to know how to activate this good stress when necessary. It’s important to understand that this cannot be improvised and that a specific physical and biological strategy and preparation should be followed.

The bad stress

It exhausts the body by installing a biological fire that plunders our biological resources, and a body amnesia, of which we are quite unaware since it sets in gradually. This means that we have less and less control over our body, which is constantly burning itself out. At Actistress, we consider that we are exhausted and passively “dis-embodied” by stress. As a result, we become more fragile in the face of illness, we experience constant tension and our ability to recover and interact with the outside world is drastically reduced (loss of listening, attention, reflection, vision, anticipation, etc.).

Stress speaks to the body first before the mind

No matter what we think, we are thinking ANIMALS before we are thinking human beings. In this sense, the stress mechanism, which is a force for evolution, has and will always speak to the "animal" in us first. Therefore, stress prepares the “human animal” for an unforeseen situation by mobilizing the energy of the body through an intense physical effort. This physical effort, which primarily involves the nervous and hormonal system, has emotional, cognitive and psychological implications.

This means that stress requires a specific biology and physiology to be activated first, thus confirming that the primary "protection" against stress is physical, biological and nervous, before being psychological. Viewing stress from the sole angle of the mind (except for psychological suffering and trauma), without evaluating and improving the quality of the physical and biological "protection", limits considerably the scope and durability of this type of prevention or treatment.

Actistress vs. Bad stress

The Actistress method teaches you how to activate the good stress that the body and the mind need to cope comfortably with the bad stress over time. This activation of good stress involves knowing how to prepare for stress and not just how to manage it. The concept of "ACTIVE RE-EMBODIMENT" created by Lionel Pages, founder of Actistress, prepares you quickly for stress by activating long-lasting good stress.